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A bullet hell game in which the player's balls bounce indefinitely against the walls, adding difficulty as you go along. 

You can shot, dodge and that's all ! Kill all the ennemies and try to not get out of control !

Instruction :

On keyboard 

  • ZQSD/ or WASD to move 
  • Mouse to aim 
  • Mouse left clic to shoot
  • Space to dodge

on controller

  • B to dodge
  • RB to Shoot
  • left stick to move 
  • Right stick to aim 


  • Developers             Pillonel Matthis / Rioust Lucas / Barbé Paul/ Guitton Thomas
  • Visuals                     Kalva João
  • Sound Designers   Afonso Alexandre / Guitton Thomas / Rioust Lucas
  • Game Designers    Afonso Alexandre/ Rioust Lucas
  • Level Designer      Guitton Thomas


FinalBuild.zip 63 MB

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